Cooked Crayfish

My wife and I live in Northern Minnesota. We have decided to try catching and eating crayfish. After some research we decided to purchase Trapper Arne's jumbo crayfish trap. After just three hours we had almost 25 pounds of crayfish. I have attached a picture showing the trap after just 45 minutes in the water. We baited the trap with beef liver but have since found that dead minnows work just as well. Thanks for the new adventure Trapper Arne. We're looking forward to our first boil.
Greg Ritter
Oak Island, MN.

Cooked Crayfish

"I had to write to tell you of my first crayfish expedition...We have three traps so far. One of yours, one from Bullard, and one from Frabil. The results were really amazing...
Our first outing totaled 55 crawfish. The green trap (The Trapper) total was 37 vs 14 in the Bullard trap and 4 in the Frabil. Not only did your trap produce more but larger as well...My main conclusion is that I will order a couple more traps this week."

Will Prater
Carthage, Missouri

Cooked Crayfish

"I have been using Trapper Arne's crayfish traps for several years now and have not had one bit of trouble with them except the ones that were attacked by raccoons. One trap was even totally flattened by the raccoons in their effort to get at the bait, but I was able to squish it back into shape and after a little repair work on the ends, put it back to work. That trap has been in use ever since."

Richard agent
Laughlin, Nevada.

Cooked Crayfish

"If you are out to catch crayfish, I mean seriously, why not use the best available trap. As for me, I found the best crayfish trap on the market at Trapper Arne. If you are out to catch crayfish you should have the best available equipment. Now it's here. Contact Trapper Arne."

Bert Dahlander

Bert Dahlander
Mesquite, Nevada.

Cooked Crayfish

"What great website you have. I don't know how I can really thank you, but I owe you big time."

Jim Heskett
Goodyear, Arizona.

Cooked Crayfish

Hey Arne, Received your trap today. Looks like a great piece of work. That was fast delivery too! ...Well, I just wanted to say thanks, and I am a hunting type, so I know a good trap when I see one, and I think yours is the best I found online, or anyplace! Happy trapping.

Kirk McGuire

Wildlife Sculptor
Kirk McGuire
Seaside, California.

Cooked Crayfish

"I like doing business with honest people. I'll make sure I tell everybody when I'm catching all those mud-bugs.

Paul StGeorge
Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Cooked Crayfish

"The nice thing about your trap is how light it is, which is a real issue for many different groups of buyers. I do like how you supported the trap with the different material you include within the trap and I also loved the tag! A idea I may copy myself in the future, grin. Everything was very professional and that is what people look for and talk about to their friends.

Terry Bullard,
Blaine, Washington

Cooked Crayfish

"Trapper Arne, Great to have you at our event. I bought the two traps from you at the end of the day. What a hit they were with my son Joe."

Jim Pierson
Phoenix, Arizona

Cooked Crayfish

"This trap is easy to use, easy to clean and obviously effective. I like the ease of opening the hatch to bait and empty catch... I think,overall, it works more efficiently than any others I have used...Thanks. We ate all we caught, boiled in shrimp boil, removed and cleanad tails, dipped in garlic butter. YUM! Many had claws large enough to also crack and enjoy"

Barbara Bourscheidt

Barb Bourscheidt
Payson, Arizona.

Cooked Crayfish

Thank you so much for the advice and the trap. The trap worked beautifully and we had a lot of success on Woods Canyon Lake on Saturday morning. I set the trap and came back a hour later and we had about forty crayfish in the trap. I forgot my camera so I didn't get a good picture of the full trap, but I am attaching a picture of our crayfish boil that we had. Thank you so much.

Joshua and family

Joshua Greer
Phoenix, Arizona.

Cooked Crayfish

We backpacked into East Clear Creek this weekend with 2 pounds of fish and the 4 traps. The girls didn't want to wait till dark, so we set out a single trap at 2:00 pm and I checked it in an hour to get an idea of how long the bait lasted. In one trap after one hour we had two dozen bugs 4 to 7 inches long and the bait was nothing but hanging skin.

So, we put the others out and checked them every hour. I filled a 5 gallon bucket in about 3 hours with 1 pound of bait.

When finished I found that I could catch as many in the daytime as at night with not much size difference. I caught two 5 gallon bucket fulls with my 2 pounds of bait. I figured there was between 20 - 30 pounds of bugs.
The traps worked great! They were light weight, easy carrying for hiking, and they were easy to use.

Mark Kucera
Flagstaff, Arizona

Cooked Crayfish

...truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you and be the beneficiary of owning one of your traps. A real work of art by the way. The quality and completeness of the trap and its details are amazing. I'm so very glad we chose to go with your personal design model. Thank you for holding one for us.

Dennis Pletz
Phoenix, Arizona.

Cooked Crayfish

Thanks so much for the traps! My son and I had a load of fun catching crawfish, and boy did we catch a lot. We caught 6 dozen alone at Knolls Lake, in fact we caught 4 dozen in 3 hrs. on the east side of the lake during the day while fishing...I truly enjoy your product, and can't wait to use it again.

Kyle Reasor

Vern Reasor
Phoenix, Arizona.

Cooked Crayfish

Hi Arne, I just thought I would let you know I really like your web site. I looked at about 10 to 15 sites yesterday looking for traps. When I found your site I was really pleased with all the info on it. I spent about 1/2 an hour reading the info on all the pages and know I had found the right place to buy from. Thanks for all the great info and I look forwards to receiving the trap. Thanks

Erik Gorham
Paso Robles, California

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